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Do you need help with your roof? Get fast service from the #1 roofers Roswell GA trusts! Our licensed experts are highly skilled and experienced in every facet of commercial and residential roofing. We are fully equipped and ready to bring you high quality and fast solutions, all at an affordable price, with superior customer service. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and dedication to delivering maximum value with long lasting results has enabled us to develop life long relationships with many of our valued clients, who continue to trust us with their repeat business and referrals. We provide maintenance, repair, installation, and inspection services to ensure that you and your property are safe and protected from the natural elements.

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roofers roswell roofer roswell ga roofin

Get fast help from the licensed roofer Roswell GA depends on for rapid response service and high quality solutions.  Your roofing system needs to be durable and strong, as it must protect you and your property from the stress of external elements – such as rain, snow, wind, and sun light. If your roof is unreliable, then you will never be able to enjoy peace of mind, and will experience a lot of worry and fear every time a storm or other type of extreme weather occurs. Our team of experts wholeheartedly believes that you deserve to have peace of mind when it comes to your own home or place of business.


Contact the top roofing contractors Roswell relies on for superior customer service and high quality solutions.  Our licensed team of experts are highly trained, fully equipped, and ready to help you. Our years of experience have allowed us to streamline our process for maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness. This means that you can enjoy peace of mind as we bring you our high quality results and fast service at an unbeatable price. We believe in full transparency, and ensure that you completely understand exactly what we plan to do before we begin the work. We walk with you through every step of the process, and ensure that you are not only satisfied, but amazed by the outcome. Our dedication to bringing you maximum value has established us as one of the best Roswell roofing companies.

roofers roswell roofer roswell ga roofin
roofers roswell roofer roswell ga roofin

As the premier Roswell roofing company, we take pride in keeping the homes and businesses in our esteemed community safe and protected from the natural elements. When you work with us, you will see that we are more than just a business – we are property owners, just like yourself, who understand the value of having a strong roofing system to protect you and your property from external weather elements. We deliver a vast range of high quality materials and services, including (but not limited to): new roof installations, roof inspections for insurance, roof maintenance, roof repairs, roof replacements, TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) single ply roofing, and much more. We also service our neighboring communities , and are among the best roofers in Dunwoody.

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Roof Repairs

If you notice cracks on your ceiling, or have recently noticed a water stain, it is an indication that your roof requires some repairing. While getting a full roof is an expensive option causing your bank account to shed thousands of dollars, repairing is not as expensive, especially if you just need a few new shingles or if just the flashing needs to be replaced. Our team of licensed experts prides itself on our ability to bring you maximum value, so you can get the most 'bang for your buck', at an affordable price. If you are worried that there may be an issue with your roof, or if you are looking ahead and thinking of getting an inspection or maintenance check, then we invite you to reach out to us and get fast and reliable help from the number one roofers Roswell trusts for high quality solutions and long lasting results.

A roof that has been on the house for more than a decade, is definitely going to start to see some damages, depending on the type of material chosen for your roofing, your location and surroundings, which is why, it is important that you have a good Roswell roofing company perform regular maintenance on your roof. Some repairs are easy and cheap to the point that you can do it yourself, while others require a professional to work on and could become a little expensive to repair.

If you have a damaged vent boot, it could be an easy fix, where the materials could be bought off any hardware stores for a couple of bucks and would not require you to go ahead and look for some roofing contractors Roswell offers. A vent boot is a component of your roof that seals the area surrounding the vents against moisture. Over a period of time, there could be cracks developed, due to weather, which could allow water to seep in, causing leakage in your roof. You might have to lift the surrounding shingles to repair this component.


You could have a damaged flashing as well. Flashing is used to protect the crease between chimneys, skylights, or other features, should you have any. Commonly made out of either sheet metal or plastic, if the flashing is damaged, water can easily seep in through the areas surrounding it. It is easy to remove and replace the flashing at a low cost. However, repairing the flashing might also require you to lift up the surrounding materials to gain easy access, and perform the required steps. If you can do it yourself, you could save some money, with no need to call a Roswell roofing company to do the work for you.

You might also see some damaged shingles on your roof or you might even be missing some. This is very common since strong winds can easily blow them off or loosen them up. If your surrounding environment is prone to wild animals that can easily hop on to your roof, that could be another reason why you might see some missing shingles. Another reason the shingles might be damaged is that over time, their protective granules wear away, making them prone to the harsh weather conditions. You can easily buy a bundle of replacement shingles for a low cost and replace your damaged shingles with the new one, without going online and searching for Roofing contractors Roswell.


If you have shingles or tiles on your roof, you should be aware of the fact that there are always some cracks between two tiles or shingles, and these cracks are prone to weather conditions, and can easily corrode the shingles. Water seeping through these cracks, can easily reach the underlying roofing materials and damage them even more. The corroded shingles can easily be replaced with bundles that you can get from common hardware stores, to prevent any further damages. Act fast and do not let your roof incur any further damage. Prolonging an inspection or any needed repairs will only result in a more complex and expensive problem down the road. If you are concerned that your roof may have a structural issue, reach out to our licensed professionals and get rapid response service from the number one roofer Roswell GA relies on for high quality work and superior customer service.

The process of getting a new roof installed is a daunting process at the very least, let alone the nervousness you go through when trying to look for the right type of roofing for your building or house. This is a big investment, and you want to have it done right. While all the best roofers in Dunwoody will guide you through the process, it is important for you to have some basic understanding of what steps are followed when a roof is replaced.


First, all the existing shingles are removed from the roof, and are deposited in a dumpster, which is usually delivered to the site by the Roswell roofing contractors themselves, a few days before the actual work is begun. The flashings and drip edge components are also removed at this time. The contractors usually place a tarp on your yard and gardens, to protect your belongings in case anything falls over.

The best roofers in Dunwoody then inspect the base layer of the roof for any minor repairs that might be needed if it is not in good condition. If the roof is in fact not in good condition, the contractors then proceed to replace the bad wood with a new plywood sheath or any other sheath that applies to your roof.


The contractor then installs an ice guard around the edges of your roofing to make sure that even if your area receives a little ice over the year, the ice does not melt and seep through the edge and to the underside of your roof, where it could cause serious damage. Once this step is complete, the contractor then starts laying down a roofing paper of the sheath to create a barrier against water that prevents it from entering the house through the roof. Layers of such a paper are overlapped on top of each other as they move upwards towards the peak, which is the first spot for water to hit on your roof if it ever rains. We pride ourselves on delivering maximum value and providing you with full transparency, as we walk with you through each and every step of your roofing project.  With our licensed experts, you are in fantastic hands and you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you are getting high quality service from the top roofer Roswell GA trusts.

Once that process is completed, the next step is to lay a metal drip edging around your roof. This is quite similar to having an ice barrier except the fact that this prevents any water from dripping from the side to the underside of your roof. This component is usually nailed down in place to provide stability. Flashing is applied at the valley, where the two peaks of the roof meet.


Next, the Roswell roofing contractors start applying shingles on your roof. A flashing is applied around the edges of features on your roof, like skylights and chimneys to cover creases around those features, which further prevents the entry of water into your ceiling. It is important that the contractor makes sure to install an air vent along the peak of the roof to allow for the air to circulate, making sure the hot air is exhausted and not trapped within the roof itself. It is always good to have a ridge vent on your roof, no matter what location you stay in.

Finally, once everything is laid out, the contractors will clear up all the debris, and get rid of the dumpster that has been sitting on site for as long as the roof replacement process has been going on. Our years of experience has enabled us to develop a process that is seamless and efficient. Our dedication to bringing you first class service and high quality results has helped to establish our expert team as the premier Roswell roofing company.


Whether you have hired professionals or if you are thinking about installing your new roof yourself, it is always helpful to understand the basics of the process to make sure you are aware of the steps so that the installation of your new roof takes place in a safe manner that you understand. You can also talk to some of the many roofers Roswell offers before hiring them to install your new roof about their methods of installing the roof to make sure you are comfortable with their processes.

The first step for a new roof installation that any roofer Roswell GA offers will follow, is the removal of the existing old roofing. To save time, it is common that many owners ask for just another layer of shingles to be added on top of the existing layers, which is also a cheaper option. However, first of all, most regions allow only two layers of shingles added at max. Which means, if you already have two layers, you cannot add another layer to your roof. Not only does the regulation prevent this, but it is also a dangerous practice since this could lead to an early failure of the roof, if the base layer is damaged or needs replacement.

The next step, once the roofing is removed, is to evaluate the sheath below the roofing material. The sheath below the material is usually made up of flat panels, whose purpose is to provide support structurally, which also acts as a base for attaching the roofing materials like the shingles. Most roofers Roswell offers, look for moist areas or spots that evidently need to be replaced.


If the area you live in is prone to ice, even if it is for just a small part of the whole year, you might want to look into getting an ice and water barrier installed all around your roof. This product is easily available at most stores and is installed around the edges of the roof. This underlayment is very sticky and easily adheres to the roof sheath, and is also nailed down to increase strength and stability of the whole system.

A drip edge is a product that prevents water from running through the edge, and seeping underneath it. When you talk to any roofer Roswell GA has at its disposal, make sure you ask them about their method of installing this product. The correct method would be to install the drop edge on the lower part of the roof before even the underlayment is installed, while on the sides of the roofs, the drip edge is installed after the underlayment is put in place. Also, the drip edge is installed on the top of the ice barrier, if you have any, along the sides.

A roof underlayment is either a felt paper or synthetic material which consists of water resistant materials, which comes in either 15# or 30# thickness. Evidently the 30# underlayment is twice as durable as the other and provides better insulation against water seepage. Synthetic materials generally last longer than the felt paper materials as well. The underlayment is first rolled off along the edge of the roof, where it is secured in place using nails. However, it is important to make sure that the nails do not go through the drip edge, but stop right above it. Throughout the process of roof installation, there will be features like skylights and chimneys that will need to be worked around and sealed, which your roofer should take care of as well. We can help you with roofing, roof installation, new roof, types of roofing materials, roof materials, roofing material, roof material, roofing materials, roof repair, roof leak repair cost, roof repairs, roof replacement, asphalt roof replacement, types of roof, roofing types. No job is too big or too small for our team of licensed experts. We are fully equipped and ready to help you. Your safety is our number one priority, and we work hard to keep you and your family safe from the external elements. Our dedication to excellence and to providing you with unparalleled results has set us apart as the top roofing contractors Roswell depends on for fast and reliable solutions.

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